Monday, January 18, 2010

Bonafide Chiropractic Miracle

It doesn't get any more amazing than this... I had the honor of treating this girl in the photo. Her name is Kinjal, and she is 18 years old. What's amazing about her is that for 17+ years of her life, she was totally paralyzed: she couldn't speak, turn her head, feed herself or walk. She was sent to Dr. Patel by her guru, Dada Bagwan, about 6 months ago for a
Chiropractic treatment.

Immediately after her first adjustment, she showed amazing improvement, turning her head, speaking for the first time in her life... And Today she walks, speaks, and her smile lights up the room. After I adjusted her today, she walked up and down the office, with her mother on one side, and me on the other, barely holding on to her at all.

This is pretty good stuff, what we do...

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